Coffin with family for 10 days what is the reason?

An Italian woman was forced to keep her deceased mother’s coffin in the living room for more than 10 days due to the lack of space in the cemetery. The details of the incident are due to the fact that after the death of the mother, the family immediately informed the funeral home to organize the funeral, but they were surprised to receive, immediately after the funeral, a notification saying that they must keep the body at home because the “Santa Maria dei Rotoli” cemetery in Palermo did not have a place. According to the Italian site “notizie”.

“We thought it was just a matter of a day or two at the most, and it was only long enough to find a place in the cemetery, but my mother’s coffin remained for that long in the salon of the house,” Josie La Mantia said. At first, the request did not worry the deceased woman’s family, due to their appreciation of the state of emergency in the cemetery, due to the emerging corona virus and the increase in the number of dead.

After a few days, the family did not receive any news from the cemetery, so they suggested various solutions, such as burying it in other cemeteries, but they were told that it was not possible due to the Corona emergency. On the other side of the incident, the municipality of the capital of Sicily denied Mrs. La Mantilla’s statements, saying: “The entrances to the cemetery are still continuing. In fact, there are hundreds of coffins waiting in storage because there are no graves in the Palermo cemetery.”

Meanwhile, the mayor, Leoluca Orlando, has ordered an immediate investigation into the incident and a report prepared to be sent to the judicial authority, and confirmed that the municipal administration intends to prosecute officials who work outside the rules.


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