Closing public libraries and relocating their employees

The Ministry of Information has closed all libraries in the governorates and centers of the Kingdom, provided that their employees are transferred to one of the Ministry’s branches in the “Holy Capital, Madinah, Eastern Region, Headquarters in Riyadh.” It is important and very urgent for all directors of public libraries in government buildings to inform all employees in those headquarters of the necessity of undertaking their job duties in one of the four branches of the ministry according to their desire, no later than 10/21/1433. His right to not start work.

A number of employees confirmed to Al-Watan that these libraries will be transferred to the Ministry of Culture, which is the authority concerned with receiving them during the coming period, in accordance with the supreme decision that came to transfer all vacant and occupied jobs, amounts and documents related to cultural activity from the Ministry of Information to the Ministry of Culture, which is what everyone was He is waiting for him, explaining, “We will continue to practice our work and tasks that we have been appointed to in accordance with the qualifications and experience we possess, but the decision to transfer came to us suddenly and the cadres who spent years in the library fields in all cities of the Kingdom were not invested.”

It is noteworthy that “Al-Watan” was the only one to publishFormation of a 5-member committee to transfer public library staff» In issue 7711, dated March 6, 2022.


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