Close 10% of offices … to reduce the reception of recruitment applications to 85%

Recruitment offices reduced the reception of domestic workers’ requests to 85%, while 10% of their activities were closed after incurring losses, due to their inability to fulfill their requests, due to the scarcity of sending the exporting countries of their labor, although the Saudi government allowed the reopening of recruitment, and the reception of requests for those workers. And they identified (5) factors, namely: imposing curfews, suspending flights, and closing most airports in those countries, with the emergence of the new strain of Corona in exporting African countries, as well as the high cost of examining the Corona for female workers, in addition to natural disasters and floods, which prevented Most of the population of East Asian countries can move between cities. Stressing that this has damaged the activity in the entire sector, which leads to the suspension of activity and the withdrawal of much of the market.

Abdullah Al-Khaldi – the owner of a recruitment office – confirmed that the majority of recruitment offices incurred financial losses, and close of about 10% of them, in addition to the decrease in the reception of recruitment requests by offices by 85% due to the stopping of sending countries to their workers. Hussein Al-Harithi, the owner of a recruitment office, asked what is the benefit of receiving recruitment requests from employers despite the existence of precautionary measures for most of the exporting countries, and those countries stop sending their workers.

Ibrahim Al-Majed, owner of a recruitment office, confirmed that the majority of employers are apprehensive about recruitment, because the exporting countries do not have their workers despite the resumption of opening recruitment applications from the Saudi side, which led to a decrease in the reception of recruitment applications from employers, due to the curfew, the suspension of flights and the closure of airports Those countries, and the high cost of examining the Corona worker, after the emergence of the new strain of Corona virus in the exporting countries, especially Africa, in addition to the natural disasters and floods that prevented most residents of East Asian countries from moving between cities, which led to office owners incurring heavy financial losses, And close some of them.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development issued a decision to resume work with contracts to mediate the recruitment of electronic domestic workers, starting from 7/10/2020 AD, and the decision stipulated that the period of recruitment for new contracts would be 120 days, and in case the licensee was late to recruit The domestic worker during that period, the contract is automatically extended for an additional 30 days, with the imposition of a delay fine on the licensee at a rate of (15%) of the contract value, as compensation for his lack of commitment to the arrival of the domestic worker during the estimated recruitment period, and in the event of failure The arrival of the domestic worker after the end of the extension period of (150) days, then the contract is considered null, and the licensee is obligated to return the value of the contract to the customer with a delay penalty of (20%) of the contract value. The decision comes after a hiatus due to the repercussions of the Corona virus.

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