Clint Eastwood or the factory of the anti-hero

Reluctant to authority in all its forms, Calvinist anarchist, libertarian, the director hates the givers of lessons and the fathers the moral. For a decade, he has taken a disenchanted look at contemporary America, always drawing inspiration from true stories.

Suit, tie, brushing and Magnum raised barrel. Warner made it simple and efficient by reproducing on the set Clint Eastwood the actor in the costume of Inspector Harry (Dirty Harry in original version), film by Don Siegel (1972). An iconic and controversial character, virile and reactive, who gives him an image of a fascist cop, a racist vigilante. Eastwood, actor and director alike, will continue to confuse her over time. The best example of the questioning of this image of Épinal is undoubtedly Gran Torino (2008), for a time announced as the last feature film of his acting career.

Eastwood, then 79, stages himself dead in a coffin. Before passing away, Walt Kowalski, his character, was a Korean War veteran, retired Ford factories, widower and bitter, beer drinker in a Detroit suburb and contemptuous of his Asian immigrant neighbors (“bridles”, “faces lemon ”,“ nem heads ”). But the xenophobic misanthrope becomes the mentor of a teenager from

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