“Clairs de Terre”, words of astronauts

“The book that accompanied my daily life during the first confinement is not a work in the classic sense of the term, but a book of the most beautiful photographs of the Earth taken from space, accompanied by words of astronauts, published under the direction of Patrick Baudry, Jean-Loup Chrétien and Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1). This work gave me space, breathing. I watched him every morning during the fifty-five days of confinement.

I was touched by these words of the astronauts which resonated for me with Eluard’s sentence ” The earth is blue like an orange “. “ I saw the earth from space, so beautiful since the scars on the borders had disappeared », Writes a Syrian astronaut in this book. Another speaks of rivers that do not stop at the borders of countries, yet another speaks of the winds that circulate … “ What an eternity is all this! When I am no more, along with my children and my grandchildren, our Earth will always be there, advancing into eternity in its measured way, without haste. ”, Notes Soviet astronaut Vladimir Soloviev. ” Only a child in his innocence could comprehend the purity and splendor of this vision. », Comments astronaut Patrick Baudry.

I was struck by the simplicity of the words of these men, who are top scientists and extremely healthy athletes, whose experience joins in different ways that of the poets celebrating the mystery of the world. Astonishment is common, even if I, during confinement, had to look as for the first time at the house where I have lived for twenty-five years! The astronaut is not a poet, but he becomes one when he is put in a poetry situation.

These words and these photos allowed me to take off, like to get out of prison in fact, since movement was forbidden to us. When we have nowhere to go, it remains to move inside us or in the other. When horizontal displacement is impossible, we have vertical. I was struck to see that all, even the most materialistic, were sensitive to the miraculous dimension of the world. “


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