Civilized combat in PUBG

PUBG now has a reputation system that ranks players on a six-point scale for aggressiveness “0” or good behavior “5”.

The latest update to the game adds a reputation system aimed at encouraging players, to be less hostile towards one another and to help people identify and avoid bad players.

However, in a blog post about modernization, however, PUBG acknowledges the irony inherent in the reputation system in a game about killing.

The developers wrote in the post: Maintaining the integrity of in-game interactions is important to us, and we know that emotions can rise on battlefields, but aggressive behavior can never be justified.

They added: To help make things more civil while killing each other, we are introducing the new PUBG Reputation System.

The new system gives you a reputation level between zero and five, depending on how you interact with your fellow players, and your reputation naturally rises as long as you do not display aggressive or disturbing behavior.

Your reputation level is displayed in the Team Finder and team member list, giving players searching for a group an idea of ​​the type of new teammate.

Things that could degrade your reputation include leaving the match frequently and not returning and being reported for negative behavior, which includes obstruction of play, verbal abuse, or killing the team.

According to the post, blocking for more than seven days for violating PUBG’s terms of service can also reduce your reputation, and reporting suspected cheating by itself doesn’t affect your reputation.

The new update 10.2 also adds a classic sports car to the game, the Coupe RB, which has a top speed of 150 kilometers per hour, making it second in speed after a motorcycle.


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