Cinema: discover our list of the best films of the year 2021

RETROSPECTIVE – The end of the year is approaching and the time has come to take stock. Confirmation of talents, discoveries, surprises … Here are the favorite feature films of the editorial staff of Figaro.

If there were only twelve left, it would be those twelve. The drafting of Figaro has selected what it considers to be the top of the cinema basket in 2021, in all subjectivity …

Drive My Car , by Ryusuke Hamaguchi

Who knew that trips in the back of a car could be so hypnotic and cathartic? A Tokyo director is forced to accept a driver while he is directing Uncle vanya from Chekhov to Hiroshima. Between the conductor and the recalcitrant passenger, time passes to the rhythm of the tape readings of the play by the deceased wife of the playwright. From this silence can perhaps emerge rebirth after mourning. Taken from a short story by Murakami, this delicate and unspoken story, whose three hours pass as in a dream, left Cannes with the price of the screenplay and is on the way to meet an international destiny at the same time. Parasite. CJ

Compartment 6 , by Juho Kuosmanen

Two strangers. One, a badly licked Russian miner, the other, a Finnish doctoral student find themselves sharing the …

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