Cinderella’s shoe inspires criminal detectives

If your last concern when choosing your lower-case shoes, the situation differs in the forensic laboratories that have a bank to collect shoe fingerprints and vehicle tires information, which help investigators to uncover the crime, as the security expert, Dr.Abdul Latif Al-Oufi, revealed that among the most important components The crime scene is the so-called “trace evidence”, after forensic studies have proven that it is the most important evidence to be removed from the scene of the accident to reveal its circumstances, and to draw the first mental map of its details.

Cinderella Analysis

The owner of the magic shoe in the international children’s novel “Cinderella” has become a source of inspiration for forensic laboratories in a number of countries of the world, and forensic men have represented the role of the prince searching for the owner of the golden shoe, and British criminal laboratories preferred to give their name to the most famous shoe examination analysis “Cinderella’s analysis.” », And in these laboratories, in addition to basic information, the angle of touching the shoe to the ground and the distribution of the body’s weight on the shoe is studied, in order to find out who is the person wearing the shoe.

Banks shoes

Many global countries, including the Gulf countries, have established banks that contain databases of thousands of shoes, through which they monitor their footprints, the forms of wearing, the distinctive signs and logos of different shoe brands, and the database examines the shoes with the latest software, displays them and classifies them in a way that leads to forensic men To decipher the mystery of the crime.

Car tires

The matter does not stop at footprints and shoe prints, but rather includes the traces and prints of car tires, so every company issues well-known engravings, which allows identifying the type of manufacturer, location and date of its spread, the types of cars in which the tires are used, and the models of these cars, to lead investigators to the identity of the owner Impact and put on trial.

Opposite culture

Many outlaws are trying to educate and learn the most prominent knowledge of forensic evidence, realizing that the traces and fingerprints they leave is the fastest way to trap them, and according to a number of crime experts that the perpetrators are choosing shoes with features and characteristics that help them hide, including light plastic The weight and equipped with a supportive tape that fixes it to the foot, helps them speed and ease of movement, and prevents it from falling at the scene of the accident, on the other hand a number of homeowners are keen to choose materials that serve them in the event their homes are stolen, from replacing furniture and floor coverings to reinforcing materials to keep fingerprints that help investigators to reach the perpetrators .

Three steps in dealing with evidence

1- Gathering evidence at the crime scene.

2- Analysis of evidence in the laboratory.

3- Presenting the evidence to the court.


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