Choosing between UK and Canada for journalism degree

Q. After my Class XII I wish to pursue a degree in journalism from a foreign university. But I am confused about which country to choose, Canada or the UK?

Ankush Sinha, Amritsar

A.Canada and the UK are indisputably the hotspots for many students who wish to pursue their post-secondary education abroad. As homes to some of the top 50 colleges globally, both these countries are upping their game to provide education to international students.

Having to choose from these two top-tiering countries is indeed perplexing.

Considering the antiquity of the education quality, the UK holds the best academic standards in the world. With a degree from the UK, you will gain an impressive international reputation. The country’s leading educational systems will enable you to develop the required skills sets and confidence through theoretical and practical training. Apart from the fieldwork, the universities also focus on maximizing management skills, different varieties of knowledge, information communication technology, direction, execution and even photography. With a good GPA, you can also earn a placement opportunity to apply and master your diverse media assignment skills at the best. The United Kingdom is known as the media capital of Europe, thanks to popular Channels like the BBC. There are around 125 universities that offer different kinds of courses. Moreover, you can expect to receive good exposure to a multicultural environment.

On the other hand, Canadian education comes with its own set of advantages. The program will equip students with advanced skills for the professional setup. These include interviewing, researching, material gathering and reporting for different audiences and mediums such as newspaper, magazine, radio, television and the Internet.

The theoretical skills train students with photographic journalism, desktop publishing and necessary media ethics. The country provides the students with an attractive benefit of studying and living together and many scholarships, fundings and bursary awards to help students finance their studies in Canada. PR availability is one of the top reasons Canada has diverted many students towards itself.

Here are some of the top universities and colleges offering a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication:


● University Canada West

● York University

● Trinity Western University

● Carleton University

● Wilfrid Laurier University

● Thompson Rivers University

● University of British Columbia


● Oxford Brookes University

● University of Strathclyde

● University of Sheffield

● Cardiff University

● Staffordshire University

● London South Bank University

● Coventry University

While both these countries give excellent coaching in all types of fields, you must also look into other factors while choosing the best country for pursuing your degree. For instance, the cost of living, post-study work permit and, most importantly, the climate. You can also consider other countries like the USA, Australia, Spain, Germany, Sweden, etc., to study your course.

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