Chinese Ambassador: I was lucky and bought the Al-Sheikh novel

After “That Al Salasil” Publishing House announced that the quantity of the novel “Chilo” by the head of the General Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, at the Riyadh International Book Fair, was one of the best sellers, through the Chinese ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Chen Weiqing, through His official Twitter accountGlad to have received a copy of it.

Cheng tweeted: “I tried for several days to book Cello, written by His Excellency Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh, but I did not succeed, the copies are running out quickly, and today I was lucky and finally bought the novel, and I will start enjoying reading it immediately.”

Al-Sheikh responded to him in another tweet: “By God, His Excellency, the Ambassador sent you a copy for more than a week.” The Chinese Ambassador thanked him for that: “Thank you very much, Honorable Counsellor, I like the novel very much, and getting a special copy from Your Excellency would be a wonderful thing.. Congratulations on This creativity.

It is noteworthy that the head of the General Authority for Entertainment printed 20,000 copies of his novel “Cello”, to be distributed in Arab countries, while the quantity offered at the Riyadh International Book Fair ran out.

Al-Sheikh wrote, in his account on Twitter: “20,000 copies of Cello’s novel were printed for distribution in Arab countries, and today Dar That Al Salasil asked me to print an additional 10,000 copies.” He added: “I thank everyone who criticized the novel, you made me free advertising .. Thanks”.

Al-Sheikh’s comments were in response to the announcement of the book publisher “That Al Salasil” that “the quantity is running out at the Riyadh International Book Fair.” The house stated that the novel of the head of the General Entertainment Authority is the “best seller” in the exhibition.


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