Children and dance… a celebrity’s way to earn millions

Business, commerce, science, knowledge, experience, experience .. all were reasons to earn money in the past, but they have now changed in the context of the momentum witnessed by social networking sites in recent years, where many celebrities have become racing by raising controversy or providing content Various by photographing children, singing or applying make-up, to attract followers, who are estimated at hundreds of thousands, and to achieve financial gain through advertisements.

animal photography

Take a “selfie” with an animal smiling..or monitor with your mobile camera its daily movements.. This is how you can gain many followers, and become a famous “social media” by raising and photographing animals, especially if these animals are of an unfamiliar type in the world. The environment around you, despite the danger that may surround you raising a predator, many celebrities have taken this risk in order to achieve fame and money.

children photography

The content that presents children is one of the most attractive and fastest-growing topics, especially if these children are distinguished by intelligence and intelligence, or they are able to draw attention in a spontaneous manner that is ahead of their age, here the child becomes a golden tool to achieve financial gain only by photographing them on an almost daily basis.

Documenting personal life details

Details of personal life from marriage, divorce or other daily matters, is an attractive material for followers on social networking sites, as many of the pioneers of “Social Media” became famous after talking about the details of their marriage story, or the details of their married life that led to the divorce, for example, While others talk about the treatment of mothers of husbands and wives with them, and there are those who talk about his involvement in addiction or his recovery from it, and some talk about financial problems they face, and they are all topics and issues that arouse the curiosity and interaction of followers.

Tradition.. Celebrity Doppler

If you have the talent to imitate others, you will definitely be a famous “Social Media”, no matter what type of imitation you perform or its method, just use your talent to imitate sounds, or even imitate the opposite sex, their way of walking and their interests, then you will be a comic, famous and controversial content maker. .

In this way, many of the pioneers of “Tik Tok” have turned into celebrities, by simply moving their mouth to the tune of popular music or to one of the famous artistic positions.


Some are famous for drawing the attention of many followers after presenting one of the different dances. Documenting a clip of your dance or your children’s dancing and publishing it through social media may make advertisers and some TV channels race to hold women with you.


If you have a catchy throwing style, you can talk about anything you want! It doesn’t matter if you’re posting true or false information, nobody cares, it’s enough to have fun talking to you to become famous.


A way that can’t let you down to be famous, just post makeup tutorials, and don’t worry, it doesn’t matter how good you are, it’s not a standard for many, and it doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s not limited to a certain age! It is enough to put the phrase “Makeup Artist” before your identification to achieve fame!


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