Childbirths for twins are outside the subsidy coverage

A female citizen in the Asir region, who has had four twins, is waiting for a solution to her problem of caring for newborns and providing for their requirements, as she finds it difficult to provide for the purchase of milk and the needs of the children, complaining about the difficult financial conditions the family is going through due to the accumulation of loans, rent and other financial obligations, and the lack of a system To help deliver twins.

Farah and Tara

Mrs. Maryam Al-Shahrani gave birth to 4 twins (three girls and a son) in their eighth month with a normal pregnancy, after she came with her two children (Saeed and Masoud) from Najran to her family and her husband’s family in Khamis Mushait. “Maryam” was living in the Najran region in a rented annex, consisting of 3 rooms, on the roof of a building with her two children, her husband and his first wife. She says that more than a month has passed since her birth to her four twins so far (the daughter is still receiving treatment in the hospital), and soon her suffering began in their care, especially since she is without a job amid the modesty of her husband’s salary and sponsors him with the expenses of another house.

No benefit for twins

“Maryam” recalls that, during her admission after the birth of her four twins, she asked the hospital whether she was entitled to a subsidy, and he asked her to contact social affairs to find a solution to her problem. She also went to more than one charity, but all of them answered that she would not get support unless she was widowed or divorced.

Maryam continues to explain her suffering, saying that she has submitted a request to several parties in order to find a solution to her problem. However, the responses are limited to conditions that do not include a subsidy for the birth of twins. To borrow an amount to pay the recruitment office, while she stays in her family’s house in the city of Khamis Mushait, while her husband is in Najran, by virtue of his work, and she is not currently able to return there, because there is no one to help her to take care of twins.

Maryam Al-Shahrani has given birth to 4 twins

– She suspected that there were no subsidies available for women with twins

– You suffer from unavailability of the purchase value of milk

You need expenses to meet the needs of the children


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