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Q. I have just completed my BSc Statistics. Ever since I lost my twin cousins ​​in a road accident last year, I’ve wanted to do something to prevent the mindless road accident fatalities. Is there anything other than an MTech in transportation engineering which requires a degree in Civil Engineering / Urban Planning that I could specialize in at the postgraduate level?

– Kamal Saini

A. I’m so sorry to hear about your cousins. Not that it’s any comfort, but tragically, over 1.5 lakh lives are lost year on year in traffic accidents alone in India – ie about 400 fatalities a day! And as the number of vehicles continues to escalate, so does the occurrence of traffic accidents, violations and congestion. Traffic jams in just four Indian cities run into several billion dollars a year!

In this scenario, managing Traffic has emerged as the most critical imperative, though sadly (and strangely) there are no professionally qualified Traffic Managers!

To address this complex issue, a comprehensive 2-year MSc program in Traffic Management is offered by the IRTE College of Traffic Management, Faridabad (affiliated to MDU University, Haryana).

Recognized as a Center of Excellence in Road Safety for SE Asia, the institute’s faculty is drawn from USA, UK, India, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand.

While the course is open to all bachelor’s degree holders (with a minimum 60% agg), those with a degree in science, technology or mathematics are preferred.

After completing the course, you’ll have varied options to choose from including those in:

• Estate Development & Management Cos

• Concessionaires of National & State Highways

• Highway Authorities

• Contracting Partners of Road Maintenance & Managing Orgs

• Airport Authorities for managing their traffic & parking system

• Consulting Organizations dealing with Road Safety Management & Road Safety Audits

• Fleet Owning and hiring organizations including Oil & Petroleum Cos

• Transport Corporations

• Insurance Agencies

Legal / Consulting Firms (KPMG / PWDC)

• Automobile Cos

• Large Driver Training Schools eg Maruti, IDT & R Ashok Leyland, etc

• Hospitals & Primary Health Care Centers

• NGO’s working in the field of Road Safety

• Transport Planning & Traffic Engineering colleges

• Large corporates in the Health, Safety, Security & Environment Sector

• Security Agencies working in Traffic Mgt.

Incidentally, the Institute also offers an MSc in Forensic Science

Financial assistance is offered to meritorious and needy students in the form of Scholarships, Stipends, Prizes, etc

Admissions close on November 6 this year.


– The writer is Director, Career Guidance India (CARING) Ph: 098111 05092

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