Charline Picon, silver veil

Full speed on the water. At a hundred miles an hour in life. So fashionable Charline Picon, woman in a hurry to arrive safely: Saturday July 31, it was at the end of the last regatta in the RS: X windsurfing event, to land on the podium before everyone else. Assured of bronze before the race, the Rochelaise crossed the finish line well in the lead, but the sum of her points in the general classification after a week of competition allowed her to climb only on the second step, behind the Chinese Lunxiu Lu.

Sufficient to satisfy his ambition? The champion was aiming for gold, and a historic double after her Olympic title won in Guanabara Bay in Rio in 2016. The hoped-for metal is not there, but the performance is not trivial if one think of the schedule that the champion has concocted since her first coronation five years earlier.


Because Charline Picon was not content to take advantage of its laurels. She first landed 18 months, to give birth to little Lou, whose fourth birthday is precisely this Saturday, July 31. And then the mother prided herself on doing a lot of things at the same time: obviously taking care of her daughter, resuming training, preparing Tokyo to double the bet if possible, setting up her physiotherapy and cryotherapy practice in front of the museum of the sea in La Rochelle, insured as a business manager.

Leitmotif of the hyperactive: nothing is impossible. When she gets back on her board in the spring of 2018, she still says to herself that mother-champion, it may be difficult to combine. But her mental trainer convinces her that it is on the contrary a strength. And indeed, this does not prevent the windsurfer from mooring to the podiums of the world championships: second in 2018 and 2020, third in 2021.

A guaranteed retraining

For professional life, same eagerness. The containment and postponement of the Games for a year could have convinced her to review her goals. On the contrary: she applied herself to carrying out everything with her companion and was able to open her practice in February 2021, even if, preparation for the Games requires, he is currently running rather without her. “During this particular year, succeeding in reconciling everything, I have the impression that it made me grow and gain height, she confided to Ouest-France before heading to Japan. It was madness, but it’s also very important for my personal balance ”.

One could suddenly wonder if this whirlwind is not likely to miss him in the future. After all, Paris 2024 is only three years away, and at 36, the champion could still be tempted. Except that windsurfing, in its current form, should disappear from the Olympic program. In 2024, make way for a new machine equipped with a “foil”, a kind of wing that allows you to “fly” above water. The speed bonus in an era that can no longer stand dawdling. The champion does not completely close the door, but with her rather light build, she is not the most comfortable on this type of board.

With the money this Saturday, Charline Picon can nicely end her sports career. A reconversion already assured awaits him. With undoubtedly less adrenaline. She will see if her new life goes fast enough.


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