Champions League: PSG corrected by a masterful Manchester City

French clubs will not make the pass of three against Manchester City from coach Pep Guardiola in the Champions League. In 2017, Monaco had released the English team in the round of 16 (5-3, 1-3). Last year, during the final at 8 exceptional, the Olympique Lyonnais had created the surprise by winning against the Mancuniens (3-1). The ace. The Parisians failed to imitate them on Tuesday, May 4, eliminated in the semifinals by the “Blues” without mercy, winners on the return (2-0) as well as on the first leg (2-1).

The glaring absence of Mbappé

A chilling spectacle, heralded by hailstorms which, just before the game, whiten the lawn of the Etihad Stadium. Certainly, as in the first half, the Parisians are almost illusion. Even led to the score 1-0, on an unfortunate goal of the inevitable Algerian international of Sarcelles, Riyad Mahrez, they can return to the locker room with more chances than their opponents, at least their intentions displayed, hopes suspended.

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And then the second half begins, PSG gets bogged down, its attackers still can’t do it, for lack of sharpness, the right inspiration at the right time. Neymar in a bad day, Mauro Icardi elsewhere, the absence of Kylian Mbappé, injured calf and left on the bench of substitutes, becomes more and more glaring. So it is Manchester City, on a cons carried out in a surgical way, which does not fail to bear the blow, Riyad Mahrez doubling the bet.

2-0, the case is heard, but there is still half an hour to go. And Paris from then on derailed. Angel Di Maria, 33 years old but in the mood of a fiery beginner, gives in to the provocation of the opposing captain and takes a direct red card. At ten, what to do? The Parisians display their frustration, bad gestures rain, like the cards: three yellow, probably because the referee does not want to overwhelm the visitors. At the end of the match, Manchester City is like a parade. Pep Guardiola brings in three players to get them involved in the party.

The triumph of Pep Guardiola

The playing master of the Blues finally wins this final after which he has been chasing since his two successes at the head of Barcelona (in 2009 and 2011). By the way, his team has 25 goals scored for only 4 conceded and a record of 11 victories in the 12 games of this European campaign (a 0-0 draw against Porto in the group stage). A record for an English team, with one more success than Manchester United in the 2002-2003 season.

For Paris, more severe is the fall, after the ambitions maintained by the very good results in the previous rounds against Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Especially since bad manners at the end of the course prevail over the rest. A little side of spoiled children who do not know how to behave prejudicial enough. It may be difficult to digest, as the club must fight in Ligue 1 to win a new national title against Lille. For Europe, it is therefore still a postponement. Can PSG do it? The leaders will in any case have to convince including Kylian Mbappé, still negotiating on the extension of his contract. This part too is not yet won.


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