Certification courses that will give your resume an edge

The time is changing faster than ever with technology. To match the speed of this changing environment, one needs to acquire some skills. Upskilling is the key to unlocking great opportunities in your professional career and getting certified for those skills add up a bonus in your resume. Pursuing a certification not only enhances your knowledge but also increases the possibility of a good hike in your income.

Following certification courses are top picked which employers are demanding these days during hiring:

Data Science

Almost all businesses are data driven now and data science is needed to decode those data and make a proper strategy accordingly. Whether it’s software engineers or programmers, all are looking at a data scientist as their dream job. According to Glassdoor, data scientist has been ranked number one job in the world. There are platforms which are providing high quality content and certification of Data Science, like Skillsoft. Users of Skillsoft have a 14 day free access to the platform. Skillsoft courses are 100% on the cloud, so they can be accessed anytime, anywhere – helping people get into the habit of always learning.

Design Thinking

The time is here for the survival of the fittest. All those businesses that provide better experience and more value to the customers, thrive in the long run. To match technology with human centric design, businesses are adopting a design thinking approach. So, design thinking is an innovative method which encourages focus on the needs of the customer and helps in better production and services delivery. Naming a few of the best platforms that provide certification in design thinking are Skillsoft, Udemy, Coursera. The learner has to understand what design thinking is and when to use it and how to use the visualisation tool.

Project Management

As a career option, project management professionals are becoming the need of the hour for companies. It enhances the knowledge of fundamental project management processes, tools & techniques and methodologies. In such a hard time, clients need someone who can deliver their projects with expertise and in a planned way and a certification in this management will open the doors of big such opportunities. Top platforms like, Skillsoft, Simplilearn offer certification in Project management. Skillsoft offers content on its platform in collaboration with MIT SMR along with Multi – modal offerings in the form of watch, read, listen & practice.

Digital Marketing

With a great expansion of digitisation in businesses, understanding digital algorithms have become a necessity today. The opportunities for digital marketers are opened widely in companies. It has become one of the most demanding skills in the industry. From students to working professionals, all are pursuing this certificate to get a growth in their professional career. Coursera, Google, Skillsoft are the top names for providing certification in digital marketing. Also, Skillsoft provides its users the opportunity to earn a digital badge upon successful completion on some of their courses, which can be shared on any social network or business platform.

These are some of the top most demanding certification courses globally that employers are looking for. TNS

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