Cauterization adversely affects the treatment of spicules

There are many cases of burns among children due to treatment with (cauterization) by traditional healers, which sometimes leads to deformities due to the effects of burns or complications of the underlying disease if it is neglected. One of the diseases that afflict some children, and which folk healers claim to treat with cauterization, is the disease (Aljoaji chest) or in the local dialect (Shikah).

Deformed rib cage

Pediatric Chest Diseases Consultant Dr.Mohammed Al-Ghubaishi explained that Al-Juaji chest disease is uncommon resulting from a deformity in the bones of the rib cage, which leads to protrusion in the sternum and ribs, and has several popular names such as (spina bifida, wind chest or pigeon chest) that affects one child From every 1500 children, the percentages differ from one region to another.

Causes of injury

Al-Ghubaishi pointed out that the exact causes of this disease are not known, but it is believed that it is a disorder in the growth of cartilage that connects the ribs to the breast bone, and it can sometimes be hereditary, as it was found that it recurs in some families, and sometimes it is accompanied by other genetic diseases such as a syndrome Marfan syndrome or Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Males fold into females

Al-Ghubaishi explained that the disease often appears in childhood in a mild degree and is more pronounced during or after puberty, and fortunately this disease does not usually accompany medical symptoms except with regard to body image and psychological impact, so in some few cases the patient may suffer from distress Breathing during exercise or a deformity in the spine, indicating that medical studies have indicated that males are sometimes up to four times more likely to have this disease compared to females.

Medicine and folk remedies

He added that there is great variation among people, as well as folk healers, regarding the nature of this disease and its symptoms, so you find that they call it several names such as: spina bifida, wind of the chest and others, and they also claim that frequent infections in the respiratory or digestive system such as fever, coughing, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea and others are among the symptoms of this disease. It can be treated with moxibustion, but there is no scientific basis for that, and modern medicine has not proven a role for the cauterization process in curing it, as Abu Hamza, one of the folk healers, stated that treating this condition is easy for him and does not require surgery and the like.

Remedial means:

– The thoracic calendar

Chest brace for mild or moderate deformity

– Surgical operations for severe deformities or for which the chest implant did not succeed in treating them


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