Cats trade between profit and poor care

Many people own pets inside their homes, and allocate time to raise them, feed them, and cuddle them, as a form of breaking the daily routine, getting rid of life pressures, and accustoming children to the principles of gentleness, which made selling and buying cats a popular and profitable business in many countries of the world. The bird market in the Kaakeya district in Makkah is one of the largest gatherings in the pet trade.

During a tour of “home” in the bird market, she met a vendor, who confirmed that the prices of Shirazi cats, or hybrids, range from 200-650 riyals, according to their age. The younger the cat, the more expensive it is, and about whether the cats are subject to care Medicinal or vaccines, or insolation; To protect it from diseases, the seller Mansour assured that after buying the cat, the buyer must take it to the vet to vaccinate it, as cats, from his point of view, have certain ages, and spend as any other creature dies.

Rights violation

Family medicine consultant, Dr. Zainab Abu Raziza, during her visit to the market, said that what she saw in Al-Kaakiyah in terms of neglect is a violation of animal rights, especially that the Kingdom in 2011 approved the law on animal welfare for the Gulf Cooperation Council states, and the provisions related to penalties Violating this system, cats are present in cages with limited spaces that impede their movement and practice their normal life, and are unsafe, and may cause great harm to cats, instead of the bad psychological state of these cats that may cause them depression, and then death, in addition to their presence in the goods In poorly ventilated places where hygiene is lacking, and doses and vaccines are not given against diseases, which may expose them to epidemic diseases.

Benefits of breeding

The veterinarian, Makki Nasr Abu Bakr, confirmed that owning pets in the home has several benefits, including: reducing stress, feeling psychological contentment, being gentle, reducing negative energy, and accustoming children to taking responsibility, indicating that leaving cats in some places without Giving her vaccines, vaccinations and vitamins, and keeping her in cages with limited space and the possibility of eliminating her needs and food, exposing her to many diseases, including fungal, viral, and rabies, which is one of the most dangerous viral diseases that can be transmitted to humans if left untreated.

Cats that won international fame

1. “Kitty White”, for “Hello Kitty”

2. “Tom”, for “Tom and Jerry” movies

3. A cat with a shoe

4. “Garfield”, for “Garfield” comedies

5. The Black Cat, for the animated series “Sylvester and Tweety.”

6. Cat «Henry» for the short black and white film series

The most famous types of cats

01. Shirazi

02. Siberian

03. Bombay

04. Abyssinians

05. Siamese

06. Turkish van

07. The Manx

08. The Egyptian Mau

09. German Rex

10. Havana

11. The American cat is short-haired

12. Lynx


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