Catherine Frot, in love with roses on the verge of bankruptcy, in La Fine Fleur

The film directed by Pierre Pinaud tells how a horticulturalist will surround herself with three employees in reintegration in order to save her farm. Release scheduled for June 30 at the cinema.

Fields filled with thousands of flowers in resplendent colors, from pale pink to deep red: from the first seconds of the trailer, released on May 10, the viewer is immersed in the superb setting of La Fine Fleur. A second feature film for Pierre Pinaud, including the last and first film, Tell me about yourself with Karin Viard, goes back almost ten years. It was Catherine Frot, who, after Daisy and Cactus flowers, earning him a Caesar and a Molière respectively in 2016, takes on the role of the main character.

The film tells the story of Eve Vernet, a horticulturalist specializing in the creation of roses. One day, she receives a call that will change everything: someone offers to buy her bankrupt farm. An unthinkable solution for someone who has dedicated her life to growing flowers and who values ​​her independence more than anything. Vera, her secretary, will then try to save the house of the “Roses Vernet” by hiring three young employees in reintegration. Except that Eve quickly discovers that they don’t know anything about horticulture. It’s not easy for her not to throw these newcomers who are making a series of mistakes on the back burner. But as she trains them in her profession, a bond will emerge between them. Together, they will fight to save the exploitation.

Alongside Catherine Frot, we will find Olivia Côte in the role of secretary (You women, Les Gazelles, Skam), as well as the young Marie Petiot, Melan Omerta and Fatsah Bouyahmed in the role of the three new employees. Finally, comedian Vincent Dedienne (Terrible Jungle, Parents of students) interprets a potential buyer, whose intentions towards the exploitation do not seem very clear.

A scenario that is particularly close to the heart of director Pierre Pinaud, for whom the love of flowers is a second passion after cinema: “between the two, coexistence is necessarily peaceful since basically, they feed on the same source: the search for an aesthetic and a staging“, He explained in a statement. An enthusiasm shared by the actress who confides that what she liked about Fine Flower, ” it is the personality of the character and also her trajectory: that of a woman who has been a glory in her profession, who is no longer so but will nevertheless succeed in being reborn by accepting the help of people also at the bottom of the hole“. A resolutely optimistic film, from June 30 in theaters.


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