Catherine Frot, celestial tramp

In Under the stars of Paris, a sort of modern fairy tale, the actress appropriates a role far from her image. A film of which she is the initiative.

Christine (Catherine Frot) and the young migrant Suli (Mahamadou Yaffadans) in
Christine (Catherine Frot) and the young migrant Suli (Mahamadou Yaffadans) in “Under the stars of Paris”. Carole bethuel

After discovering in 2013 the documentary by Claus Drexel At the edge of the world dedicated to homeless Parisians, the actress Catherine Frot wanted to meet her director to make “Something together”. Seven years later, the result is a funny modern fairy tale, Under the stars of Paris, which features a Parisian tramp used to sleeping under the bridges of the capital. The one who embodied with so much energy and naturalness The Dilettante by Pascal Thomas slips with conviction into the skin of a character the exact opposite of this evanescent comedy heroine.

This Christine didn’t say a word at first. Mutic and resigned, she lives in a small room in the Paris town hall located under the metro, which is left to her discretion provided she does not make too many waves, and the soup kitchen where she rubs shoulders with a courtyard of miracles. close to that of Miserable. One rainy evening, a frozen kid sneaks into his den. This young migrant named Suli (formidable

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