Cat robots caring for dementia patients

The County Council of Worth Yorkshire in the United Kingdom launched a series of strategies to help people with dementia during the Corona pandemic. The council funds the county caregiver Dementia Forward, and they use robotic pets to help. “We are currently getting a lot of sensitive calls to the helpline from people saying their dementia relatives are deteriorating because of their inability to get out of the house,” said Jill Quinn, CEO of Dementia Forward. To help people with their jobs, staff and volunteers have launched a coffee stall, which includes activities like puzzles and games, as well as advice for caregivers. Funded by the Knaresborough Rotary Club, robotic cats are also being used to help people relax. “These cat robots are vibrant, purring and interacting,” Jill added. “It can provide relief to an anxious person who has dementia, or is unable to stabilize, by providing a calming effect,” she said. One of the examples we saw was of a woman, who was interested in arts and crafts, but dementia made her confused, and she was unable to continue with any activity, but as soon as we put the cat on her knee she sat and caressed – this led to a calming distraction that enabled her to focus and enjoy the activity.


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