Carlos Sotto Mayor: “I am not looking for scandal with this book on Jean-Paul Belmondo”

INTERVIEW – The unforgettable prostitute of Marginal, who shared the life of The man from Rio between 1980 and 1987, publishes a book of memories at Flammarion. She talks about the glamorous couple she formed with him and their reunion in 2020 during confinement.

Until the end, she called him “Titi”. When we meet Carlos Sotto Mayor in Paris in the offices of his publisher Flammarion, the one who was the companion of Jean-Paul Belmondo for seven years in the 80s seems, at first, on the defensive.

Sunglasses, denim jacket, this “sexygénaire” freshly arrived from Portugal almost seems to apologize for publishing a book of memories, Jean-Paul, my man from Rio, so soon after the Magnificent’s death. Fragile but smiling, she is keen to answer all the questions and prepares herself like a good little soldier. The unforgettable Livia Maria Dolores Monteblanco, the sculptural prostitute of Marginal, looks back on her crazy 80s and her surprise reunion last year with the one she simply calls Jean-Paul.

LE FIGARO – Why did you write this book of memories about Jean-Paul Belmondo?

Carlos SOTTO MAYOR – It’s an idea that goes back four or five years. Jean-Paul had me often

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