Careless people

From the very beginnings of the pandemic, we have become accustomed to hearing the most contradictory comments about masks, tests, modes of transmission, immunity, symptoms, etc., etc. Take (well, do not take them, precisely) objects with smooth surfaces, said non-porous, such as telephone screens. Until now, it was thought that the coronavirus could survive for up to four days on this kind of surface. Well, according to a study by the Australian National Science Agency, it turns out that this damn virus could actually survive for up to twenty-eight days. Twenty eight ! The tile. To reassure us, the director of the Australian Center for Disease Prevention, commenting on this study, would like to point out that “That does not mean that this amount of virus could impact someone”. Phew. Nevertheless, he adds immediately, “If someone careless with these materials touched them and then touched your eyes or nose, you could be infected more than two weeks after they were contaminated.” Ah well thin, then. How do we do then ? Well, already, we avoid having the eyes and nose touched by anyone. Especially not by careless people, who touch things that are not clear. If a person absolutely insists on touching your eyes or nose, you never know, it can happen, ask them beforehand if they are very careful or not very careful. It can save your life.


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