Cannes Film Festival: Stars at Noon, the spy who left you cold

CRITICAL – IN COMPETITION – Director Claire Denis tells the story of a young American journalist who is a bit lost. A film with empty dialogues and junk exoticism.

She has a funny way of expressing herself. “I wanted to find out the exact dimensions of hell.” Ah! Trish talks like in a Claire Denis movie. That’s good: Stars at Noon is a film by Claire Denis. This rather talkative young American is a freelancer for a travel magazine. From his bombastic style, we understand that his editor hangs up on him. The lady does not roll on gold.

What a blunder to have changed his dollars for cordobas: the local currency is not worth a nail. To make ends meet, she sleeps with a deputy minister or a local soldier. It’s a reckless who lugs his tickets in a plastic bag. His passport was confiscated. She drinks too much rum. This mania allows him to meet an English tourist at the bar of a hotel. Daniel claims to have ties to the local oil company. Is it so sure? He whistles beers from the bottle, meets a policeman from Costa Rica. In his white suit, he is about as…

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