By publishing, driving undergraduates to prison

An expatriate resident of an Arab nationality took advantage of a Saudi university student to cover him and his family in a commercial facility for a small symbolic sum, and this resulted in drowning him in debt and entering prison, where the resident traveled to his homeland and left the facility for him, and after a few days he was surprised by a flood of creditors.

Ignorance of regulations

The details of the case began when «Khaled» came to the shop to change engine oils and tires to repair his car, and met an Arab resident who supervises that shop, and a passing conversation took place between them during maintenance, and he revealed to him the reason for coming to Mecca, and his distance from his family, and his financial conditions, so he took advantage of the opportunity that resident And he offered him an idea, which is to sponsor the supervisor of the shop and all its employees from among his own countrymen, and transfer the ownership of the facility to his name, being a Saudi and not a government employee and allowing him to do so and authorizing him to manage and act and to sign documents and receive bank accounts in exchange for 1500 riyals that he pays him monthly, without hesitation or Consultation with parents or specialists, «Khaled» agreed to the offer that he deems attractive to him, and things were done according to what was arranged by them.

The young “Khaled” grew up in the prime of youth in one of the governorates of Taif, and after completing high school and his desire to study at university, he applied to study in Umm Al-Qura in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, and was forced to live alone in the center of Makkah Al-Mukarramah and far from his family to be close to the university because his small governorate is far from the university headquarters And it is impossible to hesitate daily to continue his university studies.

A resident of an Arab nationality took advantage of a university student under a commercial cover-up

The fruit of the cover-up

After a few years, the resident traveled to his homeland, left the facility, and after a few days, Khaled was surprised by a torrent of creditors who hold the debt documents that they owe to that establishment, including order bonds, bills and contracts, and he received judicial execution orders alone and entered prison and drowned in debts to reap the fruit of the commercial concealment.

Convinced him to transfer the ownership of the facility to his name, being a Saudi and not a government employee.

– He was offered this in exchange for 1,500 riyals, which he would pay him monthly.

– Cheb Khaled agreed without hesitation or consultation with his family or specialists.


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