Britney Spears demands an end to her guardianship so she can marry

Singer Britney Spears has called on a Los Angeles court to end her father’s guardianship measure so that she can marry, in an application filed Wednesday by her attorney in preparation for a hearing scheduled for next week.

The star, who described this guardianship imposed on her 13 years ago as “arbitrary”, recently announced her engagement to Sam Asgari.

Her father, Jamie Spears, formally asked the court last month to end the procedure, saying that his daughter now “believes she can manage her life.”

The request, filed by Britney Spears’ attorney Wednesday, indicated that the singer “has begun taking steps to hire a lawyer specializing in family law to draft a marriage contract,” which requires the approval of her guardians.

And he considered that Jamie Spears’ participation in this process contradicts the interests of the star “because the relationship between her and her guardian”, that is, her father, is severed.

The first meeting between Asgari and Spears dates back to 2016, when they sang together in the video version of her song “Slamber Party”.

Spears, 39, has two sons from a previous marriage to rapper Kevin Federline, and her marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander only lasted a while, as it was called off after just 55 hours.

Guardianship was imposed on the artist in 2008, after she suffered from psychological disorders, which attracted wide media attention, and she publicly objected to this guardianship through statements she made before judicial references and through social networks.


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