Brice Dulin, by dint of conviction

And at the end of the suspense, when the carrots then seem well and truly cooked for the Blues, a movement that never ends ends in the back of the line in a ball in the hands of back Brice Dulin. Which dives into the in-goal and frees the whole team, two minutes beyond regulation time. Explosion of joy, all the hearts of the Blues upset on the ground as in the stands where all the management falls into the arms.

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The XV of France has just deprived the Welsh dragons of the Grand Slam by snatching victory in extremis (32-30). We could comment for a long time on this crazy end of the game. With the Blues who approach the last five minutes punished by a yellow card then a red, who have passed the opposing test line several times but without managing to flatten this damn ball, but who rebel anyway and will seek the impossible .

Long elusive wisp

That this “Incredible scenario” applauded by coach Fabien Galthié is initialed by Brice Dulin is only justice. The back of the Blues split with a sacred performance, at the origin of the second French test, some good raises, and kicks always so precise and long when it comes to finding strategic touches with his left paw. At almost 31 years old, he once again confirms his return with fanfare to the French team. Consistency in reversing a situation is almost the story of his career.

Because Brice Dulin is a bit uninhibited and extremely talented youngster in step with today’s tender Blues… except that it was ten years ago. “Dudulle” had started rugby late, at 16, to follow in the footsteps of his brother Renaud (eleven years older than him) then at the end of his career (he is now responsible for training at the Olympic Biarritz) . Previously, little Brice d’Agen had excelled in Basque pelota, with five French youth championship titles. Bumping into a wall, he knew, so rushing into the heap didn’t scare him.

Except that the guy mainly applies to bypass the obstacle, rather a wisp on the lawn, elusive. And it works very quickly. Three years in Agen, then in 2012 in Castres, and already the Blues who welcome him for a tour in Argentina. But at 22, the first time off the road. Blame it on his fragile adductors. Operation, return, the title of champion of France in 2013, and the Blues again for the Tournament of VI Nations 2014. But repatatras. A new injury, and he loses his place in the XV of France in favor of Scott Spedding. It is perked up, but if it is in the 2015 World Cup, it is mainly thanks to the package of Yoann Huget. He is also shifted as a winger.

A new maturity

This adventure is a bad memory, individual and collective. With, behind, a bit of slack. He leaves the Blues again, but does not want to let go. “I remembered that I mostly played rugby for fun, he comments in 2016, when he joined Racing 92 two years earlier. The France team is always in the back of my mind, but it’s not going to undermine me. I am not bitter. “ To put on the tricolor jersey again, it is best to work hard. To improve, to gain seriousness, to keep the best of the fiery youngster, but with more savvy. The 2016 French champion finds the formula and once again opens the door to the Blues.

Alas, Brice Dulin is still not spared by injuries, until a rupture of the cruciate ligament of the left knee in March 2018. Hello long rehabilitation, and goodbye to the 2019 World Cup. Brice Dulin, for all the followers of the Blues , it’s ancient history, written in ink of promises, but rather disappointing.

Whose act? No. In his thirties, Brice Dulin decided to relaunch the machine in the summer of 2020, to leave Paris to settle down in La Rochelle. Good pick. Returned to the ultimate bulwark of the Blues during the last autumn Cup of Nations in 2020, he has since established himself as an indisputable holder. Finally ripe, in short, for the summits.

Saturday night, hot, he was talking about this ability to “Keep lucidity to go to victory” of his team. Reflection of an old man breaking with his outbursts of yesterday. He knows that he must keep only the best to finally register in the long term in the France team. Letting go with a smile: ” The adventure goes on “. His has only just begun.


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