Box office: Goodbye idiots and Demon Slayer dominate screenings for the reopening of cinemas

More than 300,000 spectators went to the dark rooms on Wednesday, an encouraging result but below the usual attendance.

After seven months of closure, the French were finally able to find the cinemas on Wednesday, May 19. Despite the curfew and the gauges, more than 300,000 spectators were once again enjoying films on the big screen. For Marc-Olivier Sebbag, general delegate of the National Federation of French cinemas, the sector thus records “the level of a normal day before Covid”. If attendance for this first day is encouraging, it is however below the results of 2019: with 213 million admissions that year, the average attendance was more than 580,000 tickets sold per day.

For this first day of reopening, we find at the top of the podium the dramatic comedy of Albert Dupontel, Goodbye idiots , with 62,929 entries. The film, crowned by seven Caesar at the ceremony in February, had already been released in theaters in October, before being stopped dead in its tracks because of the closure of cultural venues. Albert Dupontel’s feature film with Virginie Efira had still had time to delight 700,000 spectators.

It is then the surprise film of the year, Demon slayer , which ranks second with 58,500 fans. Inspired by the successful Japanese manga series, the anime has become the most viewed film in Japanese history and has already generated more than $ 432 million worldwide. The ticket office was taken by storm as soon as the tickets went online by fans eager to discover on the big screen the adventures of Kamado Tanjiro and his little sister, who fight together in a hellish train populated by demonic creatures.

34,388 spectators were also in a hurry to see Tom and Jerry , the new American adaptation of the adventures of the famous mouse and his friend the cat. An original version to say the least, since it mixes real shots with 2D animations. Chloë Grace Moretz, revealed to the public for her roles in Kick-Ass, gives the answer to the small synthetic animals in this film which has already totaled 85.6 million dollars worldwide.

We then find the long-awaited comedy by Quentin Dupieux, Mandibles . The slightly crazy film, led by Adèle Exarchopoulos (La Vie d’Adèle), the duo of Palmashow and a gigantic fly, made more than 22,140 people laugh (or not).

In fifth position, it is another French dramatic comedy, Fly Me , which is essential, with just over 20,000 admissions. A feature film by Christophe Barratier (The chorists), in which he surrounded himself with Victor Belmondo and Gérard Lanvin to tell the story of Thomas, a young man a little lost and his father, a renowned surgeon.

Am then with 18.102 entries, DNA , Maïwenn’s latest feature film, which portrays a family in mourning, worn by Louis Garrel (I accuse, regular lovers) and Fanny Ardant. Finally, this is the Oscar winning film Drunk of the Danish Thomas Vinterbgerg who closes our top 7, with 14,490 spectators. We can also note the performance of Romain Quirot’s first feature film, The Last Voyage, which attracted 8,357 curious people.

Promising figures, but which do not yet allow conclusions to be drawn on the revival of cinema: ” We will have to wait a few days to see if the trend is confirmed, but the many upcoming releases, including the Oscar-winning films The Father or Nomadland give rise to hope.“, Eric Marti, the boss of Comscore, told AFP.


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