BMX: Vincent Pelluard and Mariana Pajon, an Olympic dream on four wheels

Him: Vincent Pelluard, Tourangeau, the love of the bike always, but rather the one with the big wheels. At five years old, at the Joué-lès-Tours BMX club, pedal, jump and have fun. And there you have it: French champion 2013, career well launched, the Olympic dream why not. Except that fall and patatras, just before Rio 2016, hopes soaring, rebound sought.

She: Mariana Pajon, Colombian from Medellin, family of sportsmen, in the saddle quite early, and very quickly bike-work-sleep. On the BMX track, where you have to push your elbows to pass the bumps, she is so gifted that it’s straight to the top: the Olympic title in 2012, the same in 2016. And Mariana Pajon becomes a superstar in her country, the only two-time gold medalist.

Seven months without walking, Tokyo gone?

Her and him: It happened in 2013, the meeting, love at first sight, the competitions more and more together, the life shared between Colombia and Touraine. After Rio, the party for her, the disappointment for him. But the time is first for marriage, in December 2017. Then? On the way to Tokyo, of course. Except that.

Her: What she likes on the track is the fight. “As soon as I put on my helmet, it’s as if I put on armor: I turn into a warrior”. With the wounds that come with it. About twenty since its inception. The nastiest in 2018: rupture of the cruciate ligaments. Seven months without walking. Tokyo gone?

Him: To invite yourself to the Games, look for the right path. It goes through Colombia. “We thought about it at the end of 2018, and I decided to apply for Colombian nationality”. Still, you have to perform to get a qualification. Tokyo, really within reach?

A saving postponement

Her and him: The postponement of the Games for a year is finally good news for the couple. She has time to regain her level to aim for a third title in Tokyo. He, to reach his Grail, must be in the two best Colombian pilots. Obligation: to play a final of the World Cup circuit. He obtains it in extremis, at the end of May 2021. Tokyo, here we are. On the night of Wednesday 28 to Thursday 29 July, he will be at the start of the third series of the quarter-finals at 3:09 am She will start in the first series at 3:24 am The love story is on time.


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