Blind paints light on her plastic paintings

Her unintended mistake caused her to injure one eye when she was a child under three years old – to be followed by the medical error that made her lose the other eye – to paint professional paintings in plastic art on the walls of the roof … Noura Hammoud, nicknamed the painter of darkness, participated in several exhibitions and evenings, and got many Among the Arab and international awards, it also conducted several interviews, in addition to press and television interviews, to prove to everyone that the deficit lies only in the will.

Panel tale

Noura explains that each painting has a story or an answer to a question that does not convince its owner that the blind have a will to colorize life, such as the giant moon plate and the community contract plate, in addition to straight lines on one of the panels, which indicate the number of operations that she performed on her eyes.

She revealed the reason for her blindness, saying: “When I was 3 years old, I removed the knife after I implanted it in the orange to fix it in one eye, so that the medical negligence of my affected eye turned into my second injury.”

the darkness

Noura asserts that the word darkness does not bother her, as some expect, “It is a reality that I and those in my situation live in, and because of this darkness I find it very difficult to paint without persistence and ambition.”


She says that poor eyesight was not the only one that she was trying to overcome. “Rather, there are some people who detract from my abilities, whether physical or technical. I still remember, despite my young age, the lady who said to my mother (may God help you with what plagues you and write her death that will comfort you), and she was the spark That pushed me forward, and not to be dependent on my family. ”


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