Blade Runner in search of the present time in a documentary on Arte

CRITICAL – Forty years after the release of Ridley Scott’s masterpiece, Boris Hars-Tschachotin’s documentary painstakingly demonstrates its visionary power. To see on Arte this evening at 10:35 pm and also on

Each new documentary on Blade runner (1982) brings a stone to the critical, sociological, philosophical, historical or artistic edifice which surrounds the film of Ridley Scott. With Blade Runner – Beyond Fiction, the German director Boris Hars-Tschachotin in turn tackles this Everest of world cinema, the polysemy of which it seems will never be exhausted.

Nearly forty after its release, this anticipatory masterpiece remains as fascinating as it is enigmatic. The documentary first plunges into the heart of Los Angeles, this metropolis where the intrigue of the Blade runner original.

In the way Hars-Tschachotin films the night and the buildings of the current “City of Angels”, we understand that the futuristic Los Angeles of 2019 imagined four decades ago by Ridley Scott cultivates many points in common with that of today. This work is fascinating by the care with which it approaches its subject. There is a sincere desire to explore the main themes of this

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