Bitcoin “whales” bought 60 thousand coins in one day!

Bitcoin crossed the $35,000 mark over the weekend, as market “whales” caused the biggest rise in daily cryptocurrency accumulation in 2021 after 60,000 bitcoins were bought.

For the first time in weeks, Bitcoin managed to post gains over the weekend, after the cryptocurrency surged more than 5% on Saturday and Sunday, before dropping again strongly on Monday, with one of the main reasons for Bitcoin’s rallying. » Over the weekend to increase the purchase of whales.

Bitcoin whales are known as investors who own from 10,000 to 100,000 Bitcoin units, and they represent about 2% of the total number of dealers in the cryptocurrency market, but they acquire the largest share.

According to block chain analysis firm Santiment, whales bought 60,000 bitcoins in one day.

This is the highest daily rise in 2021, according to Yahoo Finance.

Bitcoin whales hold about 9.12 million bitcoins in total, and data shows that whales have accumulated more than 100,000 bitcoins in the past six weeks alone.

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