Biodiversity, MEPs validate EU objectives

The European Union is preparing, ahead of a world summit for the preservation of biodiversity next October. On the model of the Climate law against global warming, MEPs validated the principle of a binding law with objectives for the preservation of living beings by 2050, and an intermediate objective by 2030.

Within ten years, 30% of land and sea areas will have to be preserved, of which a third will have to benefit from “Stricter protection and remain essentially intact”. The 27 gave a favorable opinion to this objective pushed by the European Commission. It is up to them to break down the global objective into national plans, “Geographic size” and the “Share of natural areas” of each country. To achieve this target, the European Commission estimates that 20 billion euros will be needed to invest, all funding combined.

The Spanish rapporteur César Lunea (S & D, social democrat) admits “Ideological differences” on the future, in particular, of forestry and livestock, but welcomed a “Fairly balanced text”. The EPP (right), the first group in the European Parliament, would however like the law to end where the interests of farmers and fishermen begin. “We must prevent a green and sustainable Europe from no longer being able to produce enough food, and from becoming dependent on imports from third countries”, worried the Austrian Alexander Bernhuber in the hemicycle.

In 2011, a strategy for preserving biodiversity by 2020 had already been adopted by the EU in response to the Nagoya Convention in Japan. It was a failure: 81% of habitats are now considered to be in a state of conservation ” insufficient “ or “Mediocre”.


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