Billionaire Bezos asked to buy the Mona Lisa

An increasing number of people participated in signing an online petition demanding that American billionaire, Jeff Bezos, buy the Mona Lisa painted by the late artist Leonardo da Vinci.

The American “Fox News” network reported that hundreds of people signed the petition on the famous petition site “”.

Overcoming the crisis

The petition came in continuation to Bezos’ previous behavior of buying very expensive things, as he had previously bought a yacht for half a billion dollars.

He converted four apartments he owned in New York, into one home worth $100 million.

And over time, an idea was among the Mona Lisa that appeared from time to time, to get the country out of its economic hardships.

The last to put forward this idea was the French technology entrepreneur, Stephane Destinguin, who said that the government could sell the painting for 50 billion dollars, to get out of the devastating repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

“No one has been able to eat the Mona Lisa, and we feel that Jeff Bezos needs to make a decision and make it happen,” one wrote in the satirical petition.

Another wrote: “I feel like this is something the community needs. We want you to make the sacrifice for the community.”

The right to dispose

The famous Mona Lisa is on permanent display in the Louvre Museum in Paris, and the French government has the exclusive right to dispose of it.

It does not seem that Jeff Bezos is willing so far to enter the field of art or acquire remarkable works of art, although he is one of the richest people in the world, owning more than 200 billion dollars.

After giving up most of his administrative duties, Bezos plans to go out on a short trip outside the planet, in which he wanders for about 11 minutes in outer space.

After 30 years running Amazon, the e-commerce giant, its founder and CEO Jeff Bezos decided to step aside.

The decision will enter into force this summer.


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