Beware these 5 perfumes as they contain a high percentage of methanol

The Food and Drug Authority has warned of 5 perfumes due to their high content of methanol, which exceeded the permissible limit in the regulation of safety requirements in cosmetics and personal care products No. Methanol may cause health risks to the consumer, as it is considered one of the highly toxic substances, and it has effects on the nervous system including headaches and dizziness, as well as causing irritation of the respiratory system, skin and eyes. The first product bears the name “Pomegranate Musk” with the expiration date 07/03/2022, while the second product bears the name “Sama Body Freshener” with the expiry date 08/03/2022, and the third product is “Oud Al Dhahab Freshener” with the expiry date 07/13/2023 . The Food and Drug Administration also warned of the “Ashik Al Oud Freshener” with the expiration date 06/13/2023, and the “Ehsas Freshener” with the expiration date 07/03/2023.

The “authority” advised consumers not to use advertised products and to dispose of the samples they have from them, stressing the importance of purchasing products from reliable sources. It pointed out that it is taking the necessary measures in coordination with the competent authorities to follow up the withdrawal of products from the market and to take legal measures against violators.


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