Between magic and parallel universes, the next Spider-Man facing his past demons

TRAILER – After a leak on the web, the first images of Spider-Man: No Way Home were officially unveiled by Sony. Its release is expected on December 15.

This is called a premature release. Hours after its leak and its out-of-control broadcast on the internet, the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home was finally uploaded Monday night by Sony Pictures. The third installment of the new adventures of Peter Parker (Tom Holland) presents the outline of its plot there and, to say the least, is that the spider-man is not likely to blow any time soon.

Following the surprising finale of Spider-Man: Far from Home , the hitherto well-kept secret of Spider-Man’s identity has come to light: no one is unaware that behind the superhero’s red mask is a young New York student from Queens. The situation weighs on Peter Parker. In addition to his hectic daily life, his harassed relatives, curious looks and omnipresent cameras, the authorities now suspect him of being responsible for the death of Mysterio, the king of the show-off and the unsuspected antagonist of his previous adventures. Alas, Peter turns to Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), the overpowered wizard of the Avengers, with a wish: that everyone forgets that he is Spider-Man. However, not everything goes as planned.

“We have altered the stability of space-time”, says the wizard in a dismal tone, after a spell that seems to have seriously derailed. Whether it was an unfortunate interference from Peter or a distant echo of the events portrayed in the series finale. Loki , a speck of dust has come to wreck Doctor Strange’s magic gear. The Arcane Master now seems to have some after Spider-Man: “The problem is, you’re trying to live two different lives”, he throws at him. It is true that the majority of superheroes seen at Marvel assume their extraordinary function in broad daylight.

Multiverse and multi-enemies

The trailer of course refrains from explaining the workings of the sudden opposition between the two former allies, while sharing images that seem to show their fratricidal fight, on a speeding train, in the middle of the street or on the rooftops. from New York. Doctor Strange does not appear worried: he uses his powers profusely, easily multiplies the wagons around Peter, and transforms the fabric of the city according to his will. Suddenly, the sneer of the Green Goblin – which Willem Dafoe greedily embodied in the first Spiderman from Sam Raimi almost twenty years ago – is heard as one of his iconic grenades rolls and explodes. However, this is only a foretaste before the surprise appearance of Alfred Molina, back in the skin of the evil Doctor Octopus, the mad scientist with the tentacles of steel, 17 years after his memorable introduction in Spider-man 2.

The film, we understand, intends to play the card of nostalgia. Despite insistent rumors and evocative leaks, neither of the two previous actors to have endorsed – in Hollywood anyway – the spider-man suit, however, pointed out during this first trailer. . Point of Tobey Maguire nor of Andrew Garfield. Which isn’t to say that they’ll be missing from future previews of Spider-Man: No Way Home since obviously, for the adversaries as for the heroes, it is still in the old cinematographic pots that the best soups are made. The film is slated for release on December 15.


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