Best times for digital publishing

Digital media researcher Majid Al-Ghamdi revealed the results of a research study, to determine the best 3 times of publication in different media platforms, specifically “Twitter” in Saudi Arabia, which are in order: 9 pm to 12 pm except for Thursday and Friday, and 7 am to 9 am except for Friday and Saturday. And after Friday prayers for two hours.

“Al-Ghamdi” confirmed, in a virtual dialogue session entitled “Spreading content intelligently”, organized by the “Creators of Tomorrow” team, affiliated to the “Al-Ahsa Media Professionals” platform, and moderated by Sami’s visions, that the specialized statistical numbers confirmed that the female audience on the Instagram platform exceeds the platform. «Twitter», explaining that the historical depth, access to developments, following competitors in order to bring about new (reading the future), and limiting consumer content, are major requirements in preparing purposeful and smart content according to the four content forms: static image, moving image and visual (video ), Written text, and audio, noting that the visual content is the most prevalent.

“Al-Ghamdi” reviewed about 4 methods of publishing on electronic platforms, including quick content on “Snapchat”, long content on “YouTube”, and serious content in “podcast” through various audio platforms, explaining that a recent study indicated the most prevalent ranking on “YouTube », Which is in order of the first 5 contents: entertainment – artistic – music – sports and games – educational.


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