Bernard Thiphaine, dubbing legend who lent his voice to Chuck Norris, has died

DISAPPEARANCE – During his five decades of activity, the actor has dubbed James Caan, Christopher Walken or Harvey Keitel for the French versions of their films.

You surely know heard his voice. Talented actor, Bernard Tiphaine is best known for his career as a voice actor. Films, series, video games or advertising, he lent his voice to Chuck Norris, notably in Walker Texas Ranger, the series that brought the American actor back to French homes. Bernard Thiphaine, who died on October 19 at the age of 83, had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease since 2018, which had forced him to retire. In the columns of Parisian , her daughter remembers“A father and a husband who put his family life first”, of a “Perfectionist, who loved his job”, and a “Generous man and sensitive to the suffering of others.” A few months before retiring, he participated in the short film We got overtaken, along with other legends of French dubbing.

Bernard Thiphaine took his first steps in the world of cinema in the early 1960s, notably by filming in The wisp by Louis Malle in 1963. After a few detours through the theater, he concentrated on dubbing in the 1970s. It was the beginning of a hyperactive career, in the shadow of the giants of world cinema. He notably doubles Christopher Walken thirty-nine times, Donald Sutherland twenty-seven times, and James Caan in twenty-one feature films (notably the saga The Godfather). More rarely, he has been the French voice voice to names such as Harry Dean Stanton, Jeremy Irons, Harvey Keitel, Anthony Perkins, Peter Fonda or Dennis Hopper.

Artistic director

In addition to his immense career as a voice actor on the big screen, Bernard Thiphaine has also distinguished himself in cartoons and video games. He is behind the voice of Bender, the robot from the series Futurama. It also doubles the father of Rugrats Jean-Roger Cornichon, or Anto Ego, the film’s uncompromising food critic Ratatouille.

His great experience in the audiovisual world allows him to don the cap of artistic director for television series. He thus participates in international productions, American series Seven at home and Supernatural, to the german series A case for two.

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