Benoine Janine to “Al Rai”: “Virgin Mobile” will change the landscape in the telecommunications sector… for the better

– “Virgin Mobile” fully digital services in the hands of customers very soon
– Our entry as the fourth operator of the Kuwaiti market in the interest of consumers with increased competitiveness
– We found a promising opportunity in the Kuwaiti market after working in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Oman
– The great spread of smart devices and the high access to the Internet encouraged us to enter Kuwait strongly
– The local market is among the highest in the world in the use of modern technologies in proportion to the population
Young people are the largest proportion of the population and the highest use of smart devices, which fits our strategy

The Kuwaiti market is preparing to receive Virgin Mobile, the fourth telecom operator, which intends to launch its digital operations for customers soon, after obtaining a license from the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA), and allocating one million lines to it starting with number 4.

The company’s entry into Kuwait comes as the fourth Gulf market for it after Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman and the UAE, which will reflect positively in providing a new type of service based on the digital experience from A to Z, according to CEO Benoan Janine, who confirmed that the company’s work will be in the interest of consumers. Who will have a completely different experience than what is currently on the market.

Janine added in an interview with “Al-Rai” that Virgin Mobile’s entry into the Kuwaiti market comes to provide its innovative digital services to mobile phone users, pointing out that it is working in full swing to officially start its business and launch its products locally, after completing the necessary preparations, and completing the work team. company soon.

He noted that Virgin Mobile primarily targets young people who make up the largest percentage of the population in Kuwait, who use smart devices and keep up with technology and modern technologies in all its aspects, explaining that the repercussions of “Corona” led to a slight delay in the launch of the company’s business in the local market, and that it will be launched Over the coming days many surprises for customers.

customer expectations

Janine stated that the company is working on developing strategic plans for success and exceeding customer expectations by innovating a new way of providing digital products in the world of communications, which makes the customer connected to the world around the clock, relying on the digital services that will be provided to him.

And he indicated that after the great success of Virgin Mobile in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Oman, and the keenness of Virgin Mobile Middle East and Africa to continue investing and expanding in the region, the company found a promising opportunity in the Kuwaiti market, by providing innovative digital mobile services to customers.

He stated that what encouraged the company to enter Kuwait was the great customer demand for the use of modern technologies, high access to the Internet, and the widespread spread of smart phones, which is one of the highest globally in terms of population, stressing that these factors encouraged the company to enter the competition for the telecommunications license in Kuwait, win it.

Promotion and Recruitment

Janine added that the company is currently establishing and focusing its operations in Kuwait, including employing Kuwaiti skills from recent graduates. Kuwaiti talent.

He stressed that Virgin Mobile attaches great importance to its employees, culture and values ​​that contribute to the formation of its identity, and aims to provide distinctive and unique job opportunities in the field of digital and innovation, noting that the company’s offices have been designed in a very distinct manner to provide an ideal and inspiring work environment for employees, so that they can To provide the best digital experience to customers in Kuwait.

Janine considered that the launch of services in Kuwait shows the intention of Virgin Mobile Middle East and Africa to continue investing and expanding in the region, pointing out that it aims to become the most famous brand in the country when it comes to mobile phone and innovation, and to become the leading digital provider locally.

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