Beijing 2022 Olympics: Quentin Fillon Maillet wins the first French gold in biathlon

Quentin Fillon Maillet won gold in the 20 km men’s biathlon, the first individual race of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games, on Tuesday February 8. A great victory, while after the first shot, he was only 8th. Among the French, the Jurassien succeeds Martin Fourcade, Olympic champion in 2014. He had already won a silver medal on Saturday with the mixed relay, before Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet climbed to second place on the podium in the 15 km individual .

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“I wanted to take my revenge against Johannes Boe (the reigning Norwegian Olympic champion, who came third in this race). I still find it hard to believe in this victory. With two faults, I never imagined being able to win, it’s really incredible. Four years ago it was a tough Olympics. It’s a lot of hardships, it’s incredible. Emotions are strong. It’s a highlight. I have a nice bet with a friend, he owes me a watch, the message got through! »,declared the new Olympic champion at the end of the race.

Best season of his career

It is the first gold medal for the French biathlon team, and the first of the 2022 Games for the tricolor delegation, which has already obtained four silver medals.

The Belarusian Smolski comes second behind Quentin Fillon Maillet. The Frenchman Fabien Claude obtained 9th place, and achieved an 18/20 in shooting, the same score as the Olympic champion who was faster on skis.

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The Jurassien had won his first World Cup victory on January 27, 2019, then won his first individual medals at the world championships the same year, finishing third in the sprint and pursuit. This first Olympic title gives a special flavor to this 2021-2022 season, the best of his career.


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