Baz Luhrmann unveils the first images of his biopic on Elvis

Delayed by the pandemic, the film will finally be released in June 2022. This biopic will focus on the relationship between the “King” and his historic manager, Colonel Parker.

Neither the first nor the last, but this new biopic on Elvis Presley is promising. The first images were revealed on Monday by director Baz Luhrmann on his Instagram account. Lasting only twenty seconds and at the rate of Suspicious Mind, the video promises a polished realization, and to follow the “King” during its Comeback Special of 1968, surely his most iconic performance.

“I did a little something to let you know that we are going to take care of our business on June 24, 2022”, describes the filmmaker, with reference to the slogan “Taking care of business” promoted by Elvis during his famous comeback in the late 60s. “Taking care of business»Is also the name of the group which accompanied him during the last ten years of his life.

The film was originally due to be released in November, but the Covid-19 pandemic got the better of filming, which was delayed for several months. A time announced for June 3, the biopic will therefore arrive in theaters on June 24.

Austin Butler and Tom Hanks at the casting

To play Elvis, Baz Luhrmann has set his sights on actor Austin Butler. A first major role for him, already seen two years ago in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood by Tarantino. The thirty-year-old actor will give the answer to Tom Hanks, who will play Colonel Tom Parker, the historic manager of the “King”.

The complicated relationship between the artist and his manager will be the central theme of the film. Colonel Parker spotted the singer at just 19 years old and made him a star in a few years. He follows Elvis from these flamboyant beginnings to his untimely death in 1977. An ambivalent relationship settles between the two men, over the ups and downs of the career of the “King”, between song, cinema and health problems.

This biopic marks the return to cinema of Baz Luhrmann. The filmmaker, who signed Romeo + Juliet and Red Mill, has not produced for the big screen since Gatsby the magnificent in 2013. In the meantime, he developed the Netflix series The Get Down, which followed the birth of hip-hop in New York in the late 1970s.


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