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Dr. Neelima Kamrah

The number of jobseekers is tremendous in the market and everyone is looking for a better opportunity. Unfortunately, COVID 19 has cut down the economic growth of companies due to which employees have been laid off. This drastic situation has made job hunt an extremely challenging task for a job seeker. Nonetheless, if you make efforts in the right manner you will get positive result. Therefore you must apply for the job with the basic knowledge of the application submission process according to the demand of the recruiter. Be aware of the recruitment process happening, the basic tips before searching for the job are:

1. Update your profile

Every job seeker needs to update his / her profile completely whether in a resume or on the job portal. The details have to be filled in, precisely and correctly, as this shows to the recruiter about the background. And this is the first impression where you can impress anyone through details and experiences shared. Try to brief your experience in pointers to get clearance of your work done in the past.

2. Use LinkedIn

Everyone doesn’t find LinkedIn a better place for job searching but this is a false assumption made by people, make the profile and start looking for the opportunity. The best feature given by LinkedIn is making connections easily on this platform where you can get in touch with the companies where you applied for the job. People update different kinds of jobs as a post share; You can take the help of such posts and give your application.

3. Work on your communication skills

If your resume is shortlisted then you have to move ahead with the interview rounds of questions and answers, where your communication skills are also a plus point. It’s not needed to command over English language but confidence about any language you use while giving an interview.

4. Drafting the mail

People usually don’t care about learning the basic things about drafting the mail; they think we can send the resume directly without drafting in the right direction. It’s important to note down some basics of mail drafting, recruiters’ attention will definitely be on your mail first and how you are responsible for writing skills. No one have enough time to go through your resume, where several resumes are sent in a single day; Try to brief your experience in the body of the mail itself.

5. Check the company career page

If you want to work in the desired company then you must visit the companies’ official website for getting an update on the vacancy. Nowadays, career pages are made on the official website where job seekers can leave their resumes and apply to their desired position. If the vacancy is not available you can direct the send the mail to the mail id given on the company’s website.

The writer is Principal, KIIT World School

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