Bashary: We created a special approach in filming the series Supernatural

The first season of the series “Beyond Nature” introduces a new level of production standards, photography, design and music to special and visual effects, as the director of photography, Ahmed Bashary, revealed that a special approach to the series has been invented and created away from global and Hollywood styles.


Bashary says, speaking of the design of the horror atmosphere in the series: “Filming mystery and thriller series is unlike any other type. Also, this dramatic genre is relatively new to the Arab region, but we also did not copy any international or Hollywood styles or styles of photography, in terms of the use of certain shades of colors, but since metaphysics is strongly permeated in Egyptian mythology and culture, so we had to We innovate and create our own curriculum. ”


Ali Hussam, the production designer for the first season of “Beyond Nature”, explains the journey of designing and creating the series’ filming locations. He explains: “The series revolves around the supernatural events that take place in the 1960s, and therefore finding a ready-made site suitable for this atmosphere was impossible. We had to either design the sites from scratch or re-design and reconfigure existing sites to fit the series’ events.

He adds, for example: “The Khadrawi House has its own independent personality, it is not just a theater of events. The house plays a prominent role in the events of the series, interacts with the characters, and appears in 3 different timelines, and it was the most needy filming location in terms of comprehensive changes and restructuring Palace, to suit the different events in the series ».

Al-Khadrawi House

Ali Hussam says: “The Khadrawi house has a special place for me, because although I have worked on several previous projects, in which the filming location was of special importance, this is the first time that I participate in a work where the site interacts with the characters, and this interaction is evident. When the house turns into an actual personality, she pursues and pursues “Rifaat”, and tries to communicate and talk to him, and sometimes even tries to kill him. “Raisat” accepts the challenge and enters into a battle with the house, to discover that this house is driven by a very distinct and strange energy.


Dina Nadim, the costume designer, explains: “I worked closely with Amr Salama and the crew, to ensure that there was an integrated view of the colors and fashions used, that they fit the characters, and reflected three time lines; The first decade of the twentieth century, the forties, and the sixties, in addition to that the designs must suit the nature of each personality ».

Special effects

The series “Beyond Nature” includes several mythical creatures during the first season, including Shiraz and Al-Jathoom.

The makeup and special effects team, consisting of Islam Alex and Donia Sidqi, says: “The preparation for the character of“ Shiraz ”continued for several months, and many rehearsals, until we reached the final form. It also required preparing the effects of “Shiraz” character, long sessions in each shooting, to make the mold, in addition to approximately 3 hours at least to apply make-up before each filming. “

And they add, “As for the” squatting “, it took 5 months of preparation for all the staff members to reach its final form.

Dangerous Movement Design

The fact that the series is thrilling required the performance of several dangerous scenes, which are usually the most disturbing part of the drama industry, due to safety precautions and the enormous time that the preparation and filming process takes. The tricks and techniques used during the filming were impossible to imagine and implement at first.

Amr Salama comments: “We used smart techniques and tricks for the first time in Egypt during filming, which the Dangerous Movements team applied in other projects after their success in metaphysics.”

He explains: “One of the most important of these scenes, which left a great impression on all viewers, is the scene of the fire. The scene was very dangerous, because it includes a small actress and potential dangers, and filming the scene inside the palace was completely unthinkable, so the production designer built a model that was completely identical to it, but it could accommodate the cameras and filming requirements.

“There is a fire preventing Reem from her escape route, while the cameras were placed outside the room to photograph her, and the team had to make a secret door just behind her, to allow her to get out safely whenever she needed to,” explains Andrew MacKenzie, a battle designer and coordinator of duplexes in the series.


The music in the series is based on four main melodies that have been formed into several molds, to suit many different situations, and at the same time remain known.

Music composer Khaled Alkamar says: “Music was intended to create an integrated world behind the image, as if it were the musical world beyond nature. We also wanted to deal with stories dramatically, personally and emotionally instead of considering them as mere horror stories. Therefore, the general character of music prevails over it. The emotional side is more than the fearful. ”


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