Bankers and insurers flock to retirement savings

Just a year ago, the government announced the launch of the Retirement Savings Plan (PER), a new funded pension scheme, even if the term, too negatively connoted, has never been officially presented as such.

For once, the idea was to keep it simple, by grouping together in a single product all the proposed mechanisms (which have not been marketed since 1er October), like the Perp, the Perco for employee savings, the Prefon for civil servants or even the “Madelin” for the self-employed. “Retirement savings must become a flagship product of French savings “, Then explained Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of the Economy.

To achieve this, the PER has advantages that its predecessors did not have, and corresponds better to the demand of savers. This is the case in particular for the terms of exit from the device, which can be made in capital and no longer only in life annuity.

“New conditions for early release have also been planned, such as the purchase of a principal residence, which is a way of rejuvenating the target of savers », Underlines Pierre-Emmanuel Sassonia, associate director at Eres, who also insists on “The employee loyalty tool represented by the PER, particularly in SMEs”. The tax core has not been forgotten either, with the (capped) deduction of payments from taxable income.

Despite the health crisis which has upset the situation and the savings habits of the French, the PER is beginning to find its audience, even if the bulk of contracts still come from a transfer of old products. According to Bercy, there are already 1.8 million French holders.

In the current context, it is a welcome product for bankers and insurers. They broaden their offers and can capture new customers, because the issue of retirement remains a very worrying subject in public opinion. », Considers Philippe Crevel, director of the Cercle de l’épargne. For professionals, the challenge is now to switch to the PER part of the 100 billion euros of precautionary savings made up by the French since confinement.


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