Baladi ghee is a cottage industry that makes financial profits

Municipal ghee continued to be an old women’s industry, there are those who manufacture it for domestic use and others for trade and profit, as Umm Abdullah – a seller of municipal ghee – explained that customers buy it in winter a lot, because it is considered a winter food, and it helps to keep warm, especially with popular foods.


Umm Tariq – a seller of municipal ghee for 23 years – who owns two cows and sells ghee to relatives and neighbors, indicated that she practices the profession for entertainment, so she did not expand her trade and its fixed price for years, the kilo was 150 riyals and the kilo was 250 riyals. While Noura Hussein, a woman from Najran region who makes ghee herself for home use, says, “Municipal ghee in Najran is used especially for popular breakfast meals, such as porridge, maddafah and others, but after following up on social media and television, and what we hear about the harms of vegetable oil, our dependence on municipal ghee has become More, and that the methods of making ghee differ according to taste and regions ».

Quality test

Umm Abdullah affirmed that the preference is according to the person’s taste and familiarity. Sheep owners see that sheep fat is better, and cow owners are almost certain that the beef is of better quality, noting that it is difficult to determine the quality of the butter for the public, in terms of determining the good from the adulterated, unlike the one with experience, as it is necessary. Looking for a trustworthy and well-known person to buy ghee, due to the large number of fraud in this field, adding that customers must know an important information, which is to differentiate between ghee added to ghee and bad, so ghee sellers are always accused of being adulterated, because of the way it is prepared.

Making ghee

Umm Abdullah added that making ghee requires first choosing butter that is free of preservatives, or any additives, and high-quality butter must be chosen, whose quality appears from its color or the well-known producing company.

The old way

Noura revealed that the old method used by Najran is melting the butter on the fire until it reaches the boiling stage with heating a piece of stone, and it is preferable to use a broken part of a stone bowl called al-Madhn, and then put the hot stone over a quantity of ground flour in an airtight container, then stir it In all directions until the color of the flour changes, then we take the stone, and put it on top of the margarine, and after a few minutes we pour the flour on the ghee, to absorb the acidity and the remnants of the milk, if any, and leave until the flour turns into small bubbles, then we sift the ghee in a clean bowl to separate it from the flour.

Ghee trade

Umm Abdul-Rahman, a saleswoman who works with her son in the ghee trade, says, “Southern ghee is not added to spices or salt, such as in the northern, central and Hijaz regions, where it is cooked for more than an hour and a clean stone is heated, until it reaches the highest temperatures, then it is added to the flour, and stirred until the flour is cooked. And it takes the brown color, and the flour is ripened and the ghee cooked well, that gives the color reddish yellow ghee, and this is what customers prefer in the southern region.

Vegetable oil

Masada Saleh, a housewife, indicated that for a not short time, people stayed away from municipal ghee and were satisfied with vegetable oil. The most important reason is the reluctance of young men and women to eat popular, heading to new dishes from Arab and foreign countries. Its use has also become limited to specific cases, such as childbirth and some diseases in which the patient needs to eat healthy to strengthen the body, and on top of which comes the use of municipal ghee, which is added to most popular dishes, and it has been noticed in the recent period that young people return to municipal ghee, and add it to exotic foods, To give delicious and healthy flavor to food.


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