Baking offers a delectable career option

Niklesh Sharma

Gone are the days when people used to prefer the traditional fields as career options. In the present times creative fields are increasingly being preferred and people now desire to pursue their passion and eventually make a career out of it. Baking being one such famous segment has been picking up pace in the Indian market.

Speak about bakery and one drifts away in a fantasy land of fascinating cakes and toothsome desserts. A creative field that baking is, it requires patience and a lot of hard work to create that single piece and deliver the not so little and delicate bundle of joy! How awesome would it be if one could prepare delectable bakery feasts and also earn money from the same? While this might sound like a dream, it has actually turned true for some as baking is one of the fast growing industries.

Off late, the industry has witnessed a surge with many home bakers stepping up and initiating their baking game. Baking and culinary is not just limited to hotels and restaurants but many homegrown bakers are also entering the market offering their unique styles and innovations.

Talking about the payscale, just like any business, initially, the investment is required with less or no profits. However, once you have a clientele in place and your sale picks up pace, you will soon find yourself recovering that invested amount eventually going on to earn well.

Millennial’s inclination towards culinary and baking courses

They prefer baking and culinary as a job option due to various reasons-

Offers flexible schedules and shifts

Helps fight psychological issues as spending time between vibrant ingredients and aromatic workplace, one’s physical and mental health is pampered

Treat for the eyes and palate as you work with various ingredients, colors and get to taste flavorsome and appealing bakery items

Instant feedback and communication as once the item reaches the customer’s palette, their expressions and body language says it all

Offers opportunity to grow

You get to be your own boss

Comes with alternate career options of teaching

No formal education is required. All you need is desire, passion, and the will along with some basic academic course experience (optional)

Provides a unique platform wherein you could carry on your business while indulging in guilty pleasures

Gives a kick to your creative streak

Social media promotion is fun as one gets to post creative and aesthetic posts of their masterpieces

Skills required

To be a baker, you need to be a multi-tasker, manager, along with coordinator, and of course, who has a culinary streak or has cooking has his / her passion. As every bit of responsibility is on you, you have to deal with the quality and procurement of raw materials, preparation with the right measurement, prepping up the beautification work, using your creativity to enhance the cake, and finally get it delivered to the customer . Preparing such pieces requires the baker to work at a stretch for hours and keeps the bakers on their toes. Along with physical strength, mental stamina and creativity are equally important.

Baking at the global level

In the West and other countries, the culinary industry especially baking has a separate place and position. These have been recognized as legit careers. Groupe ESA, ISA Lille, Bologna Business School in Italy, ETH Zurich- Swiss Federal Institute of technology are some of the culinary institutes recognized for providing the best of the courses. They offer enhanced practical exposure of the industry along with refined training from Michelin star chefs. While they are exceptional courses but at the same time come with their share of expenditure as well. A diploma in any culinary institute in France would cost 5, k + € approximately exclusive of the accommodation, the required cost to shift from Indian to France.

Indian baking and culinary scenario

However, in India, the acceptance has been quite low. Even though the mindsets are gradually changing, but for people to acknowledge the creative fields as a source of income and stable job is something that will need time.

While there have been concerted efforts and Indian culinary courses have grown significantly over the past few years. The present generation is attracted to the baking and culinary industry and is also ready to invest their time and finances to learn the nuisances of baking and eventually develop a career out of it. In India, the advantage of learning is that there is a holistic approach of teaching to aspiring chefs and bakers. The experts extending their guidance do so from their first-hand experiences and hence offer logical, realistic, and on the ground insights to the baking enthusiasts.

The writer is Founder, Academy of Pastry & Culinary Arts

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