Badr Hajj decorates the sky of the Arab world tonight

In the sky of the Arab world, the moon is observed in the phase of the full moon today, when it will be lit by 99.7% with sunlight and visible throughout the night.

The head of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, Engineer Majid Abu Zahira, explained that the moon will appear from the southeast horizon with sunset, and its apparent size will be large when it is close to the horizon. The farthest north from the globe at all, because the full moon in July, like the January sun, is so far south on the dome of the sky that it cannot be seen from the northern latitudes.

He pointed out that the moon will reach the highest point in the sky at about midnight, tilted to the south, and will set on the southwest horizon with the sunrise of Saturday.

full moon

Abu Zahira added: In general, it can be said that the moon will be full throughout the night, but scientifically we call the full moon at the moment when it is 180 degrees opposite the sun, and this will happen on the morning of Saturday, July 24, at 05:36 am Saudi time (02:36). morning GMT) and will cut off half of its orbit around the Earth during the month.

He stated that this time of the month is ideal for seeing the radioactive craters on the surface of the moon through binoculars or a small telescope, unlike the rest of the terrain that appears flat as a result of the full moon falling in the sunlight. Kilometers, and it is believed that these craters are newly formed, and the Techo crater is the most radiant crater.

And he indicated that during the coming nights the moon will rise about an hour late every day, and after a few days it will be visible only in the dawn and early morning sky, and at that time it will reach the stage of the last quarter a week after the full moon phase.


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