Bader Al-Kharafi: Zain maintains its intellectual and knowledge capital in order to transform into a sustainable enterprise

– 97 participants in the first courses of the program over the course of 8 months
– We seek to enhance the skills and confidence of our employees to be successful leaders

Zain Telecom Group has successfully completed the first launch of its “WE SUCCEED” initiative, which is related to the succession planning program at the middle management level.

Zain revealed that the first launch of the program brought together 97 participants over a period of 8 months, who passed courses and work sessions in the areas of development, awareness, vision, personal purpose, communication, and psychological safety.

Liang and Mohamed Owais Sheikh

In a statement, the group stated that this initiative was launched from the Department of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, in cooperation with one of the leading consulting companies in the fields of management, after building an innovative program based on years of research in the areas of “adaptability”, which allows self-awareness, especially What is related to people’s basic mentalities during exposure to any pressure.

Zain indicated that the program provided the participants with tools to deepen the methods and means of communication, including those that some feel may be difficult, and encourage the creation and empowerment of safe work teams on the psychological level.

She pointed out that this program provides a continuous organizational process that includes identifying and preparing potential candidates to take up positions that may be vacant, with the aim of developing succession plans to ensure efficient continuity of work.

The first launch of the “WE SUCCEED” program came with the participation of managers in middle management. Its courses extended over 8 months with a series of workshops and field work tasks. Internal meetings were also held between managers, during which group discussions took place on many fields, and mentoring training was provided For the best performing members of the programme.

And the group stated that, starting from the year 2023, the best 50 percent of the participants in terms of performance will be appointed in a special sponsorship program that follows “WESUCCEED”, to accelerate the career path, stressing that it aims to support its goals in gender diversity within the framework of the “WE” initiative. To empower women in the business environment, and to establish more equal work teams at the level of leaders.

Bader Al-Kharafi, Vice Chairman and CEO of the Group, congratulated the talented leaders who participated in this inspiring initiative, saying, “We are all certain that they are able to develop and grow to take on the tasks and responsibility in the future.”

Al-Kharafi added that these initiatives allow for the development of well-functioning succession plans, and provide Zain with tools to preserve its intellectual and knowledge capital, which will make it a sustainable institution.

And he indicated that this exceptional educational experience, intended only for managers in middle management, based on years of research in the areas of adaptability, confirms Zain’s pursuit of achieving the main goal of building ambitions and enhancing the skills and confidence of its employees to be successful leaders.

Equity and diversity

Upon completion of the program, the personal evaluations of the participants will reflect the level of personal growth and the state of development in various areas, including reformulation of frameworks, self-awareness, and clear expression of purpose, as these goals are in line with the activities of diversity, equity and inclusion that Zain recently promoted, as it confirms Group initiatives such as the recent one “WE SUCCEED” make employees as skilled and inclusive as possible, without bias or favouritism.

A total of 97 participants across the group companies completed the first cycle of the “WE SUCCEED” programme, which saw initiatives to improve all behaviors, promoting self-reflection and feedback.

Participants reported a 7 percent improvement in all behaviors, and they themselves reported the greatest growth in their reframing skills, skills they had originally reported as the lowest score.

Ongoing mentoring initiatives in the WE SUCCEED program will help the highest performing middle management participants access opportunities for growth and development that would otherwise not be available to them.

At the same time, the initiatives will broaden trainees’ perceptions of what coaches can do, and will allow participants to make connections with other members of the senior executive leadership, with the aim of enhancing their presence both on a practical and intellectual level, while receiving constructive feedback on how best to advance their careers. The “WE SUCCEED” initiative is an important component that supports the success of the group’s “4SIGHT” business strategy for sustainable growth.

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