Bad conditions haunt the independence of Mecca’s orphans

A number of orphans from a charitable organization for orphan care in Makkah al-Mukarramah demanded that they be given an additional time to extend the annual contract of housing, referring to that some of them are in the university stage, and it is difficult for them to combine study and work, and others do not have work until this moment, because of The Corona Pandemic Crisis. Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the Brotherhood Association, Dr. Ahmed Al-Zahrani, explained that the association and the regulations of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development guarantee their care up to the age of 30, after which the son will be independent by himself, able to form his family, integrate into society, and be able to buy a house. The association helps him in that, except in emergency cases such as chronic diseases. Sisterhood continues to take care of them, in coordination with other associations.

Official letters

One of the foundation’s sons explained: Official letters were sent to us, stating that we have reached a specific age through which we can pave our way in life, and be independent from the institution, but this matter is difficult in light of this current crisis and the lack of jobs, for the sake of Relying on ourselves, indicating that they have academic and academic degrees that enable them to engage in the labor market, “which is the matter in which we ask the Foundation to cooperate with us in finding functional or commercial solutions that help us achieve independence and dependence on ourselves during the next stage.”

One family

For his part, a member of the Human Rights Association, Dr. Muhammad Al-Sahli, confirmed to Al-Watan that in light of this crisis as a humanitarian aspect, the Foundation is the family of these young people, so that they are not subject to deviation or heading to an unwanted path, so it is better to They are given an additional period of 6 months less or more with undertaking to search for jobs that they depend on to provide sources of income that enable them to cope with life and rely on themselves, noting that from the legal point of view, the institution at the age of puberty is not obligated to provide all life matters to them, But it helps them to rely on themselves until they reach the age of puberty and complete their university studies, and after that they will be fully able to face life and integrate with it.


Al-Zahrani added that the association receives orphans from the age of 18 to 30, which is agreed upon with the ministry, after the end of their stay in the shelters. The association’s program will be in two stages: the first is to build and prepare them from the age of 18 to 25, where they are provided with housing in Typical houses, which are villas inhabited by 10 to 12 children, and a social supervisor, a psychologist and a cook worker is provided for them, and through them it is assumed that he has completed the study of the secondary and university stage, and at the age of 25 we begin to achieve the second stage, which is independence, and the beginning of stability Social and life, by transferring them to apartments in which there are 4 individuals, and they do not have a cook, in order to depend on themselves, which is an empowering period, by obtaining jobs after qualifying them for that and providing them with appropriate training, and during this period it is assumed that the son is married. Support them in that, to be active members of society.

Mechanism for receiving orphans

From the age of 18 to 30 in two stages


Build them and groom them from ages 18 to 25

Providing them with housing in typical houses, which are villas inhabited by 10 to 12 children.

Providing a social supervisor, a psychologist and a cook worker.

Completion of secondary and university studies.

the second

From 25 to 30

The beginning of social and life stability

Transfer them to apartments there

4 people, and they do not have a cook.

Get the jobs.

Provide them with appropriate training.



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