Bacteria that fight obesity and enhance immunity

While the occurrence of obesity is related to the presence of intestinal bacteria that change energy absorption or affect the factors that aid the accumulation of fat, and play a role in changing the general condition of the body. Digestive.

Good bacteria

Al-Shammari mentioned that the benefits of beneficial bacteria are numerous, such as fighting harmful bacteria, as they secrete anti-bacterial substances that boost the immune system, manufacture vitamin K and folate, and aid in the absorption of magnesium, calcium and iron, and manufacture of short-chain fatty acids that have health benefits. And he said: Just as there are dangerous bacteria that cause disease, there are good health, as there are millions of them in our digestive system. He added, “It is found in yogurt and fermented milk, and also in the form of supplements. It is very safe for normal use, and it can increase the immune system capacity, and when the bacteria digest the dietary fiber, they produce some natural compounds beneficial to the body.”

Factors that reduce the activity of beneficial bacteria


Food poisoning

Chronic diarrhea

Gastrointestinal infections

– Operations to remove part of the intestine

Take antibiotics randomly


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